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Project Description

Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom said to offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps is now widely available as a dietary supplement.


Benefits on cordyceps

Cordyceps Improves the Respiratory Function

Cordyceps increases cellular Oxygen Absorption by up to 40%

Cordyceps Improves the Functioning of the HeartBlood Cells– Improves Blood Cell Viability & Function

Genetic – Promotes DNA Repair

Liver Protection – Improves Liver Functions, helps with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis Sub chronic and chronic hepatitis on related liver diseases are more prevalent than most people think. Liver is the living filter of the human body, cleaning the blood and all other fluids of impurities. There is no way for you to survive, much less feel healthy, without a functioning liver.
Chronic kidney diseases improvement
Chronic kidney diseases improvement of 51% after only one month with Cordyceps supplement.Cordyceps Reduces

Tumor Size in Cancer Patients

Cordyceps Improves Stamina and Athletic Performance

Cordyceps radically increases cellular energy

Cordyceps Combats Sexual Dysfunction

Immune System

Improvements in the Immune System


Cordyceps Protects against Free Radical Damage

Cordyceps Reduces Fatigue
Several studies with animals have demonstrated that Cordyceps sinensis increases the cellular energy production and oxygen supply. A double blind, placebo controlled investigation showed a marked reduction in fatigue in elderly patients when they were given three grams of Cordyceps daily. In another study, Cordyceps sinensis improved shortness of breath and reduced fatigue in patients suffering from chronic heart

 Cordyceps Helps Discomforts from Tired Legs
Endurance & Stamina
Reduces muscle Soreness, Enhances Recovery, Promotes Better Oxygen efficiency,
Increases ATP Synthesis, Promotes Faster Energy Recovery, Reduces Fatigue, Improves Physical Function, Provides More Stamina.

Hormones – Adrenal Thymus, Mitochondrial energy.
Dramatic Natural Improvements are seen in endocrine hormone levels, in fertility, and in Sexual Libido for men and women.

Sexual Function
Improves Libido and Quality of Life in Men & Women, Fights

Cordyceps Helps Maintain Cholesterol
Four excellent studies have demonstrated that Cordyceps sinensis helps to lower total cholesterol by 10 to 21% and triglycerides by 9 to 26%. At the same time it helps to increase HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”) by 27 to 30%.