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Project Description


MaitakeGold 404 is a potent Maitake mushroom extract developed by Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, PhD., the inventor of Maitake nutraceuticals. MaitakeGold represents such a significant improvement in Maitake formulations that it was granted a U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent # 5,854,404), and is the only Maitake supplement that carries Dr. Nanba’s personal endorsement.
Maitake is the only medicinal mushroom that can be hot water extracted and sold in a liquid form and still provide an effective dose for immune support. MaitakeGold 404 is a hot water extract preserved in glycerin, offering an alcohol free supplement for immune support.
The other liquid mushroom supplements on the market are preserved in alcohol and are called tinctures, also known as “cold water extracts”.

These products contain very low levels of active compounds, including the key immuno-modulating compounds, the polysaccharides, that define a mushroom as medicinal. This is because tinctures are processed at room temperature, far below the temperatures required for hot water extraction. Tincturing works for plants but not mushrooms or mushroom mycelium.

Medicinal mushrooms are prepared as hot water extracts in 100% of the herbal and scientific references for a reason, it is the only preparation method capable of releasing the active compounds from the indigestible cell walls of mushrooms and mushroom mycelium and into a bioavailable form.

Years of rigorous scientific research at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions has clearly demonstrated that MaitakeGold 404® provides a high level of immune support even at small doses.* These institutions include world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Research Hospital, the University of Louisville, and Kobe Pharmaceutical University (Kobe, Japan) In association with this research, MaitakeGold 404® has received an Investigational New Drug (IND) number. These studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

MaitakeGold 404® Mechanism of Action

MaitakeGold 404® contains glucan-protein, “host defense potentiator” bioactive complexes derived from the Maitake (Grifola frondosa) mushroom fruiting body cell walls. Scientific research has found that these types of complexes potentiate the immune system by binding to specific receptor sites on macrophages and other immune cells. Binding literally turns on and activates these immune cells to increase their activity. Since glucan-protein complexes are not produced by the body, they must be obtained from other sources such as mushrooms in order to potentiate the immune system. In addition, the beta-glucan polysaccharides in these complexes have a large degree of branching at the molecular level. This branching is highly correlated with bioactivity, which is why MaitakeGold 404® provides such significant immunomodulatory activity.