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 MOA Drink

We believe that Mother Nature knows what she does.

MOA drink contains the most complete blend of super ingredients that exist in terms of super foods. Free of preservatives and other toxic substances, MOA is 100% natural, produced from  purees, whole fruit extracts including bark, plants, herbs and mushrooms, organic ingredients formulated in a unique way, resulting in the best and most original drink available.

MOA drink characteristics and its production:

  This is a 100% natural holistic blend, made with 34 exceptional ingredients, ​​exclusively made with the true essence of juices and purees.
♥   Its aseptic production, the health care industry standard!
♥   Without extending its useful life and without using pasteurization, using only the highest natural ingredients.
   Completely free of pesticides and other chemical contaminants.
   Without sodium benzoate or another preservative (unique in the market) due to its aseptic production.


We are committed to the creation of the best, doing so with the best natural ingredients, no preservatives!


From everything that nature has to offer us, we choose the finest ingredients from plants, herbs, fungi, and other seeds that contribute, in a better way, to your health and wellness from head to toe. We believe that health is our greatest treasure.

Drinking just one type of juice with a single ingredient is not always the best option. The best choice is to have a variety of ingredients, in order to increase the synergistic effect.

Each of these ingredients acts differently in your body so it is recommended complementary.

This is exactly the case of MOA drink, which contains the right ingredients that ensure strong health benefits, inside and out.

Our purpose, with MOA drink, is to make accessible the best super foods found throughout the world. Most of our fruits, plants and fungi have organic certification.

The higher nutritional content is found in raw foods, has been scientifically shown that drying processes at elevated temperatures or even cooking, substantially reduce the nutritional value of foods.



MOA is bottled with care and prudence, without heat stress or without the addition of preservatives. Everything is done using our cold production, sterile and unique. This unique and avant-garde process is free of synthetic additives, bottled at the correct temperatures, without pasteurization tunnel, without hot filling, without the use of sterilizer, preservatives or cold sterilizers. MOA is a unique drink!

Some of our certificates:

We submit voluntarily to independent certification entities. Even though we work in the area of supplementation in the case of “foods”, we are not subject to obligations more than the normal agricultural certifications. However, we wanted more security, and we are assessed and verified by the FDA, OTC, NSF, Hallal, etc…

FDA – Federal Drug Administration, organization that controls and supervises the entire pharmaceutical industry in the USA.

OTC (over the counter) –The OTC drug review was established to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of OTC drug products. It is a three-phase public rulemaking process (each phase requiring a Federal Register publication) resulting in the establishment of standards  for an OTC therapeutic drug category. Only a few wellness companies have this quality stamp.
HALLAL –  Certification to the Muslim world ensuring that we do not include animal products, and only vegetables extracts.

This way we assure you that what we put on the label is actually in our product, with the guarantee of the best and most powerful ingredients that we find in our research around the world.


MOA quality


According to scientific studies of food assessment, we now know we eat only 10% of the nutrients that our parents or grandparents ate years ago. European studies indicate that there is a strong nutritional deficiency in our diet, which means that the daily requirement of nutrients is not pleased by much of the population. Even if you think: “I take vitamins and I feel good”, know that many vitamins on the market are synthetic, which are not the same as those obtained from natural sources. Some of these vitamins are placed in capsules that do not dissolve properly in our body, which leads to a poor absorption. Therefore our liquid is absorbed better by the body, and the ingredients are completely bioavailable to be absorbed in its entirety.

The raw materials we select minimize human impact on the environment and ensure that the agricultural system operate in the most natural way possible. These practices include strict limits on the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and other products of synthesis.


Biologically based drinks contribute to protecting the environment, natural resources enhancement, and well-being of rural communities.

We control the entire value chain, from storage, transportation, processing and packaging. Therefore we submit willingly to tighter controls overall production.


Moa contains special natural ingredients in their purest form. It tastes strong and powerful, and is a super food of the highest quality. MOA is natural and safe. It should be taking 30 to 90 ml per day.

MOA Drink is very powerful, so you can also mix and consume it with beverages such as water, orange or apple juice. It should be shaken before use. Keep the bottle fresh, and keep it in the refrigerator once opened.

MOA is composed from the following biological or organic ingredients:

♦ Acai berry

♦ Goji

♦ Blueberry

♦ Noni or Indian mulberry

♦ Mangosteen

♦ Elderberry

♦ Mango

♦ Turmeric root (Saffron from India)

♦ Acerola

♦ Apple

♦ Kombu

♦ Bergamot

♦ Pear

♦ Black Cumin (Nigella sativa)

♦ Aloe vera

♦ Cherry

♦ Grape

♦ Orange

♦ BlackcurrantMOA and people

♦ White tea and green tea

♦ Strawberry

♦ Blackberry

♦ Plum and Prune

♦ Kelp

♦ Bilberries or myrtle berries

♦ Blueberry

♦ Seedless grape

♦ Peach

♦ Shiitake

♦ Maitake

♦ Pomegranate

♦ Bioperine – a concentrated form of piperine, the active ingredient of black pepper.

♦ Cordyceps (Tochukaso)

♦ Glossy ganoderma (Reishi)

♦ Lion’s Mane Mushroom

♦ Agaricus Blezei Mushroom